As the makeup lovers struggle continues, with any effort to feel put together or have some creative fun being met by the destructive force of the face mask, such excitement is reserved to the only area still visible. The eyes. If you’re even bothering with that…

I have to admit that over the past tormenting year, my desire to spend time having some fun with makeup has diminished. Wearing a mask to work and being unable to safely go pretty much anywhere has made any effort feel in vain and as a result, my favourite thing about my morning routine has become dull, boring and often non-existent. In an effort to bring back some of the excitement, I took a trip to my local drugstore in the hopes of finding something new, something to bring me back from my depressing dumps.

The Signature Eyeliners

Excitingly, something new was to be found. After a quick browse, the L’Oreal Matte Signature Eyeliners caught my eye. Coloured liner is a tricky, tricky business and I’ve never found a formula that was not powdery due to a white base, looked opaque and lasted a whole day on. From Fenty, to Marc Jacobs to NYX, they had all failed me. Until now. These were to be the pop of colour I needed. The excitement that my boring, worn out routine needed to come back to life.

The Signature Liners are available in nine different shades. The formula is waterproof, ultra pigmented and boasts a gorgeous matte finish. While some of the shades are fully matte, others have a beautiful metallic texture. The metallic shades, however, still dry down matte which looks stunning on the eye. The two initial shades I decided to pick up are Burgundy and Blue. I also have my eye on Emeraude which is a gorgeous forest green and Marron, a chocolatey brown. Soon to be added to the collection!


The formula is packaged in a traditional liquid liner tube with a felt tip applicator. Compared to pen style application, this proves to be a little more difficult to manoeuvre, however with some practice and some eyelash avoidance tactics, they apply like a dream, without streaking or flaking.

The formula is on the thicker side, which may be reason for the great opacity. This does not make it feather light, however the fact that I can sometimes feel it on my eyelids is not a dealbreaker for me as the lasting power is fantastic with it having no issues surviving a whole day of work on my awfully oily eyelids.

Overall, this product is a 5/5. I never thought I would find a coloured liner formulation that actually looked good and lasted on me, but here we are and I am SO happy about it. If you’re in the market for a little excitement and a little colour I’d definitely say you should give these a shot!

3 thoughts on “The Coloured Liner Of Your Dreams

  1. I’m glad you reviewed these because I’m not seeing much of any buzz about them. The packaging is very nice. You rock colored eyeliner! I have so many and they are always lackluster in several ways. I *need* to get myself into colored liners.

    xoxo Amanda |

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