With summer starting in the Southern Hemisphere, it was just about time for me to take a look at my wardrobe and see where the obvious gaps were. So, I went on a hunt for a few pieces, from trousers and sandals, to a few extra basic tops. With the crazy sun and heat here in Australia and the risks that come with it, I avoid sun exposure as much as possible. This is where the epitome of summer fabrics comes in. Linen. From trousers, to shirts and dresses, linen is the best choice of fabric for cool, breathable clothing.

Choosing Basics

The search for the perfect pair of linen trousers was interesting. I don’t quite understand why, but most brands seem to only offer very casual pieces when it comes to linen, however what I was after was something a little more tailored. Something that had that casual vibe that linen offers, but also a little more special, with detailed tailoring that offers the opportunity for the piece to be dressed up or down. Choosing pieces that offer diversity in styling is the best way to maintain a more minimal wardrobe.

Thankfully, my search was ultimately fruitful. The trousers I decided on are the Assembly Label Tailored Linen Pant. They are absolutely beautiful, a refined and tailored addition to any well-edited wardrobe. The Holland glaze finish helps elevate the piece further, making them stand out from all other options. I fell in love with the look they created, and purchased both colourways offered, in Black and Husk. They are the perfect basic item around which my wardrobe is going to revolve around this summer. They offer diversity in styling by being both casual and tailored and can be dressed both up and down by a simple change in shoe choice from a sandal to a heel or the addition of a belt to increase the contrast of the silhouette in an outfit by emphasising the waist.

Taking Inspiration

As for shoes, this season I have become infatuated with what St. Agni has to offer. I am not traditionally a sandal person and even during summer, I usually still tend to gravitate more towards a loafer, however the style and aesthetic that St. Agni creates is gorgeous and a true source of inspiration in my wardrobe this season. The earthy tones, quality construction, the signature weaved leathers and grounded style adds something special to an outfit.

Featured Pieces

Assembly Label Tailored Linen Trousers
Elka Collective Josette Tee
St. Agni Otago Slides
St. Agni Darci Pleated Sandals (Sold Out)

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