After wearing sterling silver jewellery exclusively for the entirety of my life due to my olive skin tone, which I always thought would cause an unsightly clash with gold metals, this year I took the plunge and decided to incorporate a few gold pieces into my collection. Those initial investments were a slippery slope into a full blown obsession and a complete overhaul of my jewellery collection. Todays blog post features a few of my favourites.

Quality Over Quantity

I have chosen to restrict my purchases to solid gold and gold filled pieces. These options will better withstand the test of time, compared to vermeil and gold plating, which can flake and fade quite quickly. Pieces that I seldom remove, such as rings I have kept as solid gold purchases, while when it comes to earrings, I have purchased both gold and gold filled. Gold filled pieces are regulated and must meet an industry standard of 5% pure gold by weight, which, with care, makes them quite durable. Purchasing pieces with a higher gold content will result in a higher price tag, however I believe in quality over quantity and with sustainability in mind, collecting pieces that will last a lifetime is worth the investment.


Karats represent the percentage of pure gold found in jewellery alloys. They are calculated as parts of 24, with 24 Karats being 100% pure gold. The higher the gold content, the more yellow the gold will appear.

9k gold is 9/24 = 37.5% gold
14k is 14/24 = 58.3% gold
18k = 18/24 = 75% gold

Featured Pieces

When shopping for pieces, I was on the lookout for brands with a more delicate, minimalist design, as well as somewhat reasonable pricing. Ultimately a few Australian brands stood out.

Reliquia Collective offers beautifully designed statement gold-filled jewellery.

Sit and Wonder offers premium yet accessible fine jewellery, dainty and often intended for layering.

By Charlotte is more on the bohemian side, however their purity line contains very minimal, solid gold designs.

Holly Ryan is a brand highly focused on sustainability and exquisite design in their offering of fine jewellery.

A seen from the top, here are the pieces featured today

Reliquia Jewellery – KERNEL EARRINGS
Reliquia Jewellery – MINI TWINE EARRINGS
Sit And Wonder – HALO MINI HOOP (septum)
Sit And Wonder – WHISPER RING

On My Wishlist

Currently on my wishlist is the Holly Ryan Gold Pinky Signet Ring and is bound to be my next exciting purchase.

2 thoughts on “The Golden Hour

  1. As I get older I’m starting to feel the need to focus on quality pieces, rather than costume jewelry. Gold looks perfectly fine on you! I’ve been on a gold kick for years, but of course I wear silver when the outfit calls for it. Those gold pinky signet rings look awesome! I’m going to check those out.

    xoxo Amanda |


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