After binge watching Friends (again), I couldn’t help but be inspired and intrigued by the effortless flair of the 90’s. The easy denim, tank tops, knits and slinky dresses that are being carried off with such ease are a true source of longing for a bygone era when things didn’t feel so fast and overwhelming. Wanting to add that feel to my wardrobe and after much browsing and scrolling, I landed on The Gap as the brand that most encapsulated the style. While The Gap seems to be a struggling brand with all the constant changes within the fashion industry, with the resurgence of 90’s styles and a move towards sustainability, falling short of being a fast fashion brand may just be their greatest asset within the current sphere, with some of those classic, timeless pieces still found on their racks.


The most practical of all staples, the tank top, and especially the white tank top is making a comeback this year. This simple piece can be styled to suit any occasion. From simply wearing it with a pair of jeans for a casual look, to pairing it with a tailored pant and blazer for a more elevated style, it can slip right into everyones wardrobe. Trying to purchase the perfect one was a true challenge since these are sold out EVERYWHERE but the Ribbed Boyfriend Tank from The Gap is the perfect design, with a more masculine flair that suits my style perfectly. They are constructed of a cotton blend fabric that is very soft and luxurious, while also being very affordable. If you’re in the market for the perfect tanks I’d highly recommend you check these out.


I am always on the hunt for the perfect pair of tailored shorts. The Pleated Khaki Shorts from the Gap are a lovely addition to my wardrobe. The high waisted, regular fit design, constructed of cotton-rich twill adds an effortless, casual element to what is otherwise a more tailored piece, perfect for an easy summer outfit. If you’re outside the US do keep in mind that The Gap operates on US sizing. I ended up purchasing a size US8 as they were mislabeled on the Australian website, forgot to exchange them and had to have them tailored to fit.


The ‘cardigan as a top’ look is something I’d been wanting to incorporate into my wardrobe for a while now, however cardigans that have just the right look aren’t the easiest to encounter. The perfect thickness and design is needed and once again, The Gap to the rescue! The Crew Cardigan is composed of 100% cotton and has the perfect shape to be worn as a standalone top, not too long or short, perfect for tucking into your favourite pair of jeans.

All these items are available in Australia from the Iconic.
The Gap – Boyfriend Tank $24.95. Pleated Khaki Short $69.95 (on sale for $20). Crew Cardigan $49.95.

3 thoughts on “New In Fashion Favourites – The Gap

  1. I am a big fan 90’s fashion myself, the boyfriend tank and the cardigan are truly closet staples, you can pair them with just about anything! I also had no idea GAP was moving towards sustainable fashion so now I have to go check them out!


  2. You have me asking myself why I never wander into Gap! Clearly, they offer some great staple wardrobe pieces. I’m glad to hear tank tops are making a comeback because I have wayyyy too many of them, despite the fact that I donated some a year ago.

    xoxo Amanda |


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