We all love a pair of jeans… or two… or five, but sometimes your favourite pair may turn out to be a little too casual. Whether it’s an event or work attire requirements, jeans may not be an option. The challenge then becomes finding a suitable alternative, with my personal choice being a good pair of trousers.

Trousers are a huge part of my wardrobe anyway, however a pair that has been a part of many outfits as of late is a piece from Nique, one of my favourite Australian brands. The Glide Pants in Marine are made of a denim reminiscent fabric, which makes them a perfect alternative to jeans, constructing an elevated, more tailored and structured appeal, while serving a similar purpose in styling an outfit.

For todays outfit I styled them with the Marks&Spencer Cotton Funnel Neck Fitted Top in Navy (check out my previous blog post reviewing and styling the M&S Funnel Neck Tops here), the TopShop Textured Check Trench Coat (now sold out) and the RMK Rolof Heels (discontinued). A comfortable, still casual outfit, that’s a little more special than denim and a t-shirt.

One thought on “An Alternative To Denim. Sort of…

  1. Those pants look great! Very easy to dress up or down, or go from day to night. I love materials that look like denim, but really aren’t, yet feel comfy and secure. You could even slap on a pair of heels with these. Brilliant!

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com


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