We spend about a third of our lives in bed and if like me, your pyjama repertoire also largely serves as loungewear, investing in some quality pieces is definitely something worth considering. Beautifully cut, comfortable pyjamas in natural fibres should be bedtime essentials for everyone.

Whenever I am going through a rough time, I find that incorporating nice things into my routine can truly make a difference. I’ve always cared about what I wear outside the home, finding confidence in a great outfit that reflects my personality, however I have not always also applied this mentality to the clothes I wear inside the home. For some reason, I had never placed any effort into items that many wouldn’t see such as pyjamas, loungewear and lingerie, however I have come to the realisation that I spend more time inside the home than it seems, gradually changing my habits over the past year.

Nothing feels better than wearing a coordinated ensemble, whether it be pyjamas, loungewear or a cute little bra and undie set. And while our mentality may be that splurging on items such as those is not worth it, it may be just the thing to make you feel put together, cheering you up and providing a confidence boost any time you may need it. You should be dressing for yourself, not those around you.

When it comes to loungewear and pyjamas, natural fibers such as cotton, silk, cashmere or even rayon are the best choices, acting as temperature regulators, ensuring that you will stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Synthetic fibers are not breathable and have a high chemical load, damaging for your health and the environment alike.

My current go to for pyjamas is SUKU Home. Their classic sets can be worn as pyjamas, but they can just as easily be worn as casual loungewear. The perfect compromise, suitable for indoor and outdoor due to their design when it comes to both looks and comfort. Their sets are available in a range of beautiful prints, hand dyed in Bali, which I am lusting over and intend on collecting. Designed to be worn loose, they are made of lightweight silky bamboo rayon. The shirt features a button up front with a relaxed collar and the culottes feature an elasticated waist at a three quarter length. Most importantly they are extremely comfortable making them suitable for anything from sleep, to lounging around with your favourite book.

Sometimes investing in pieces that may not be crucial, but that make you feel nice is important. While such expenses may sometimes be difficult to justify when there are always bills to pay and responsibilities to consider, always putting yourself last isn’t ideal. Sometimes we need those comfy pyjamas, or that cute bra to make us feel special.

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