A few years ago, when Kylie Jenner decided to change her whole appeal, the two items that came onto everyones radar were the Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses and the MAC Lip Pencil in Whirl. That bandwagon was not one that I was about to jump onto, so the Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses always had a little “NO” attached to them in my mind. She had turned a timeless piece into a trend.

I always have the tendency to avoid hyped and trendy brands and designs. Walking around on the streets and seeing five other people wearing the same item isn’t something that excites me so, when shopping for basics I enjoy exploring new interpretations of classics by smaller, more creative brands.

Ray-Ban has been one of those brands for me, however recently I have grown to see the value in their classic designs as timeless pieces that will not lose appeal over time. This is likely due to my move towards building a lasting wardrobe, with lasting classics at its core and occasional trend pieces minimal, so the Ray-Ban Round sunglasses and Ray-Ban Clubmasters have re-sparked my interest.

Acetate sunglasses are my typical go-to, however I have always enjoyed having one good pair of metal frame sunglasses due to their diverse potential in styling. Over time I proceeded to wear different takes on the classic, however as the Kylie Jenner cloud has now diminished and the Round design has regained their timeless quality, I have decided the Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses may be worth the investment. That brings us to now and a new exciting addition to the family.

The Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses are available in nine different colour combinations. The gold frame with green lenses is the most classic of all the offerings, a mainstay of the Ray-Ban brand. The look transcends time with its nod to the 1960s and the counter-culture surrounding the origins of the design. They feature a curved brow bar, adjustable nose pads and thin metal temples. The unisex design will suit any outfit and style, being one of the easiest pieces to throw on anytime without a second thought, making them a must-have for everyone, regardless of your personal style or aesthetic.

As my next sunglasses purchase, my attention is fully focused on the Ray-Ban Clubmasters. A design that has been a staple of the industry since the 1950’s and adopted by Ray-Ban as a result of their popularity following their feature in the Bruce Willis hit series Moonlighting, the browline design with a green lens and tortoiseshell acetate needs to fill an open spot in my collection in the near future.

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