Today was one of those days that start off gloomy and just keep getting worse. The morning was cloudy and cold, developing into shuddery pouring rain. Winter has fully set in now, so the cooler temperatures and cloudy days are here to stay. Naturally that means dressing for the winds and rain, for warmth and comfort.

For my makeup, after taking a long hiatus from wearing a winged liner, today I decided to try it out yet again and I have to say it may have won me over yet again. I forgot how easy and perfect a wing is for minimal makeup days, quick and easy to apply, with a great impact. My favourite liquid liner that I have been using religiously for about five years is the HyperSharp Wing Liquid Liner from Maybelline. It comes in a pen applicator and has a brush tip which I find much easier to use than felt or sponge tips. The product lasts for a very long time without drying out, has a matte finish and does not break down on my oily eyelids.


This knit is yet another one of my Asos Mens section finds. With a high neck and 100% cotton construction, this jumper is now one of my staples. It has a lovely cut, fitted at the sleeves and boxy in the body, great for some winter layering. The vertical stripes are flattering, elongating and slimming on the body.

An amazing pair of straight leg jeans with a vintage flair, the Weekday Rowe High Waist Jeans in Win Blue are a staple of mine. Constructed of thick classic non-stretch denim, they have an extra high waist, are fitted through the seat and looser at the leg. Weekday is my ultimate go-to brand for high quality denim on a budget. They offer an array of styles, fitting for any body shape, with fantastic cotton rich compositions and great prices. A great mix of quality, style and price that deserves some appreciation.

These brown chelsea boots with brogue detailing were a lovely purchase made in Europe a few years ago. They are a full leather construction with thick lining designed for the winter months. I have no idea what brand they are, however if you ever happen to be travelling Europe, investing in some beautiful leather pieces is a must. You can find some great high quality pieces at reasonable prices that will stand the test of time.

During the rainy season here in Australia rain coats or a coat with a hood is a must for me. Rainy days tend to be extremely windy, making an umbrella useless. I currently do not own an umbrella funnily enough, as every time I purchase one they break on the same day. So I have pretty much given up on them, fully relying on my rain jackets and hoods. This jacket was tailor made for me by my amazing and talented mother. It is a design I had full input into, with an oversized hood, woollen fabric and batwing sleeves perfect for sliding over a chunky knit.

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