The Pyunkang Yul skincare range was developed by the renowned Pyunkang Eastern Medicinal Clinic, South Korea’s most famous traditional herbal centre focusing on treating skin concerns which has a reputation spanning 50 years. Based on the knowledge and experience of the Pyunkang Eastern Medicinal Clinic, ‘Pyunkang Yul’ was launched after increasing demand from patients suffering with atopic dermatitis. All the products in the range are made with natural and mild ingredients, with an ancient eastern medicinal approach at their core. The formulations include the least possible ingredients to achieve maximum benefits, avoiding irritants and resulting in very concentrated formulations. The skincare line focuses on achieving balance within the skin and by strengthening the skins barrier, helping it retain moisture while naturally controlling oils.

These products are very beneficial for sensitive, damaged or compromised skin. They are formulated around two core ingredients. None of the products contain both, rather being focused on one or the other, for two different skin concerns. Some of the products contain Coptis Japonica Root Extracts, which aim to balance out oilier skin, while the others contain Astragalus Root Extracts which aim to balance out dryer skin, also targeting any signs of ageing. I have been using a combination of the two, which has helped balance out my combination skin, reducing dullness, oiliness in the t-zone and dryness around the perimeter of my face. The products I will be showing you today are my absolute standouts and the ones that have made the most significant difference to the appearance and feel of my skin.


I mentioned this product in a favourite toners post a few weeks ago, however since then it has become the only one I now use. The Essence Toner is a two in one product, both an essence and toner making it very convenient and full of benefits. It has a slightly viscous consistency, however does not leave an overly sticky feeling to the skin, even when used for the seven skin method. It is perfect for sensitive skin and consists of only seven ingredients with Astragalus Extract making up 91% of the formulation, which is amazing at dealing with dry and dehydrated skin. I find this product to be very healing to the skin. It helps calm my skin down when irritated, sensitised or even when experiencing breakouts, providing more benefits than I have ever experienced from a toner previously. I would say this product is perfect for all skin types, especially if you are looking for hydration and balance in your skin.


The Moisture Serum is a very interesting formulation quite different from your average serums. It is an emulsion, which contains a balance of both water and oil. This product is mostly Coptis Japonica Root Extract which targets oily skin, mixed with olive oil and while we would expect a product with olive oil to be quite heavy, this serum is so perfectly balanced that it sinks straight in to the skin, leaving behind no residue. It is in no way oily which makes this a perfect multitasking product for me. I use this both as a serum at night and as my morning moisturiser. It is very hydrating and as it sinks straight into the skin, it makes a perfect pre-makeup lightweight boost of hydration.


Pyunkang Yul has two moisturisers up for offer, the Moisture Cream and the Nutrition Cream. The Moisture Cream is a more lightweight, gel cream formula ideal for oily skin, however as winter was setting in here in Australia I was in the market for a more occlusive moisturiser to counter my increasingly dry skin due to cold weather. The Nutrition Cream contains Astragalus Extract as its star ingredient, as well as bees wax, macadamia nut oil and shea butter. This cream is on the heavier side, however it is perfect as a night cream for my combination skin, especially during winter. When applied, it does not fully sink in to the skin straight away, however it does by morning, leaving my skin plump and nourished. It does not, in any way make my skin feel congested which is quite common for me when using heavier moisturisers. It is a wonderful occlusive moisturiser which is doing wonders for my skin.


The combination of these three products in my nighttime routine has changed everything, rebalancing my skin, reducing oiliness in my t-zone and boosting hydration, helping me tackle cold induced dryness and dehydration. They all manage to introduce a great amount of hydration into my skin without causing any congestion. The products are so simple but also so complex and beneficial at the same time it is nothing short of miraculous. If you want to try out a skincare range that will truly make a difference, full of benefits, perfect for sensitive and damaged skin, but without all the unnecessary fanfare that is so common with most skincare products, Pyunkang Yul is a great choice.

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