Today I want to chat about ways our wardrobes may grow to be disorganised, cluttered and lacking practicality. Things in our wardrobe that need not take up space any longer, but that we may turn a blind eye to, either due to emotional attachments or an unwillingness to let go. Things to think about letting go when opening up your closet is both overwhelming and uninspiring.


How many bras do you really need? Personally, I have three or four favourites at any one time that I use over and over again because they are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. So how do we always seem to end up with a dozen or more? Purchasing bras that are pretty but not so comfortable and holding on to older bras past their expiration date. With age, bras lose shape and elasticity, so while your old favourite may still be beautiful, it likely has lost some points in the comfort department. Uncomfortable bras have no place in our wardrobe so I challenge you to downsize your collection to those few that you know you will actually wear.


We all have a few pieces that just don’t fit us anymore. Whether too large or too small, if they don’t fit today, why hold on to them. Our bodies should not be squeezed into clothing that is just too tight. Those trousers that are just too large, but you love? You’ll never wear. So why hold on to pieces that may make you uncomfortable both physically and mentally. There is no reason for those pieces to fill up wardrobe space when they could be re-homed or donated to someone who will actually get use out of them.


That band T-shirt you wore at that concert one time or that jumper you wore during that special event. You all know what I’m talking about. Pieces that we have an emotional attachment to, but that serve us no purpose any longer. Those memories will still be there without the physical markers, so there is no need to hoard clothing for that purpose alone. Give them a hug, take a good last look and let them go, opening up your wardrobe to new opportunities.


Some of our clothing has been so loved that it may have lost its beauty. While that item may have served you well, clothing that has been so worn that it now has tears and undone seams, or even that is faded or stained beyond repair, should not take up our wardrobe space. Most of us have a few old pieces that still hang around, even though newer ones have taken their place and there is no reason for them to be still taking up precious wardrobe space.


If you are anything like me, super comfortable clothing such as jumpers and T-shirts that fit in the previous category will instinctively be moved to a separate section of the wardrobe labeled as loungewear. And while more and more clothing ages and is no longer a part of my everyday wardrobe, my “loungewear” collection grows. How much loungewear do you really need though. We will all gravitate towards the most comfortable, so don’t let that section of your wardrobe grow beyond what you really need just as an excuse to hold on to old beloved pieces.

17 thoughts on “5 Things You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe

  1. I learned by my own mistakes to cut down the size of my wardrobe. Back in the day, I had closet full of clothes I haven’t worn for years. Now I cut it down (donated good pieces and thrown away the rest of things I didn’t need) and buy only necessary things. Even when my Havaianas broke, I first fixed them with a trick I learned from the Internet, before getting a new pair.


  2. I’m guilty of having too many bras as well as ripped/faded items. It’s just embarrassing! I really need to go through my wardrobe at least every 6 months to clean house. I usually sent stuff to thredUp during my declutter sessions.

    xoxo Amanda |


  3. I am guilty about having emotional attachment for some of my wears.. I am not using them but it’s not easy to let it go. ๐Ÿ˜ƒI’ll plan to give out but when I take a look at it again I hold on to it.

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  4. Love this! Its Sunday morning and I’m going straight away to rethink my closet. I thought I’d done a great job when the lockdown started.

    Bras – definitely loads to dump.
    Pieces that don’t fit! Can’t do it -I know they’ll fit again some day!!!
    Emotional attachment!!! Can’t do it – sorry. There’s no way I’m dumping my leather jeans from 1995 – I looked amazing in them .. they have pride of place in my wardrobe. And I’m happy to admit that I’ve a bundle on the top shelf of bits that I haven’t even moved for years – but have memories associated with them all! I might try and dump one piece. But not the wrap around skirt from mid 80’s … I looked amazing……
    Ripped and Faded – no problem – all dumped – I’m good at this one (phew!!)
    Loungewear – I’ve masses of it – and a lot of it (esp t shirts) has been moved, as you say, from other parts of the closet. I could dump some … but they’re all so comfy!!!…..

    Ok .. so I’m down to a few bras and old tshirts!!! Well that’s not so bad!

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      1. Dumped 3 bras, 4 tops from my ‘I’m keeping just in case’ pile, 2 handbags and my beloved wraparound skirt from the 80’s!!(never ever going to fit). Dumped 3 horrendously shapeless sweatpants (but I might pull them out of the bag again!) Also a dress and skirt from my regular pile. Found a forgotten t shirt from The Who gig a few years back – not dumping that. Gave my leather trousers a loving stroke as I closed the doors….
        A good day’s work! Thank you for the inspiration!

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  5. Oh my gosh!!! I’m guilty of this!!! ๐Ÿ˜… I’m guilty of downsizing some of my clothes to loungewear just because I can’t let it go especially the ones that have memories in it. But it turns out that it’s not too comfortable for loungewear so I never wear it and it’s piling up! Thank you for sharing this! It’s a good reminder!

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