Now I don’t want to offend anyone with this one, because I am sure there is someone reading this having just purchased a piece that they have been saving for and dreaming about, but my advice is to ditch flashy logos and slogans. I think that very often they can distract from the design and cut of a piece, doing nothing but checking a box of purchasing a piece from a certain designer. Style should not be about checking a box, but self-expression and simply flashing a logo is not about personalisation, often achieving the complete opposite, cheapening what could otherwise be a lovely outfit.


The fast fashion industry has brain washed us into feeling like we need to be constantly buying things. This is a habit we should all break. Investing in quality pieces is much more important and can often elevate the look of your outfits due to higher quality fabrics and designs. These will add some structure and shape to your wardrobe, very often fitting well as opposed to the ill fitting garments you may find in fast fashion stores.


Whenever I look at updating my wardrobe, I start with shoes, because they can really make a huge difference to an outfit. Changing the shoes you wear with an outfit can completely change the aesthetic and vibe of a look. Shoes are the pieces I like to have the most fun with. As my wardrobe is mostly made up of nude shades and black and white, playing around with some more colourful shoes is always fun and can add a touch of pizzazz to my outfit.


Investing in your wardrobe is amazing, however if you do not then care for your pieces, it can quickly turn into a hot mess. This not only involves following the care instructions on your clothing, but also making sure you iron your clothing before wearing them. Ironing your pieces is a game-changer, making everything look clean and put together. Wrinkly clothes are not a sign of a person that cares about their appearance and ultimately themselves, as clothing is an outer expression of ourselves.


Last but not least, dress for yourself. Fashion and style should not be about trying to fit in, or keep up with trends, or brands. It should not be a representation of social standing, but rather an expression of who you are. So, do not let people or society tell you how or what you should wear. Not only will that be pointless, but it will be very clear to both yourself and those around you that what you are wearing isn’t for you, as it will impact the way you hold yourself, your level of confidence and comfort within yourself.

5 thoughts on “Five Tips To Help You Elevate Your Style

  1. I loved these tips sooo much! I am such a quality over quantity kinda girl and I’m also a true believer in dressing for yourself – so this blog post fitted me quite perfectly! ❤️


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