There are endless posts and articles out there outlining what the essentials in ones wardrobe should be. The issue with these is that none of them consider that each persons individuality and style is unique and that while they could serve as inspiration, everyones essentials will differ in silhouette and aesthetic.

Today I wanted to show you what I consider to be the ten core essentials in my wardrobe and I hope these will serve as inspiration or a good place to start if you are planning on restructuring your wardrobe. If you decide to take this list literally, or simply pull some ideas from it I hope that it will provide you with some guidance, regardless of the style you feel personally embodies you. You may notice a trend in the pieces I will be showing you today, however what I consider an essential is a clean, elevated basic that can dressed up and down, making it easy to incorporate them in most outfits.


The boyfriend shirt is a crucial part of my wardrobe. Endlessly versatile, it can be dressed up or down and can carry you through any season. Very comfortable and chic, it is one of the most universal pieces you can add to your wardrobe.


Shopping for denim might just be one of the most horrendous experiences. The crazy amount of options in lengths, styles, waist heights and the variation between sizing among brands can make it a nightmare. However, when you find your perfect fit, it can become the best item in your wardrobe, that you will reach for every day. Putting some time and effort into finding which brands offer the styles that suit you best can be a great investment into your wardrobe. Check out my previous blog post on what I look for when purchasing denim and a few favourites here.


The belt is an often underrated part of an outfit. It can contribute in the same way a piece of jewellery or a good shoe would, bringing a look together, contributing to an aesthetic through its design, or manipulating your silhouette, enhancing the waist.


The loafer is one of the most classic styles of footwear you can incorporate into your wardrobe. The fun thing is that loafers are no longer basic, but that no matter what your style is, you can find a take on this design to suit your aesthetic. Different colours, different materials, embellished or not, there is something out there for everyone, to suit any budget.


A great coat is needed in everyones wardrobe. I enjoy having a black coat, a nude one and a more eclectic choice in my repertoire. Outerwear is a fantastic way to add some pizzazz to an outfit and finding a great coat that will add to an extensive variation of outfits can be a real asset.


T-Shirts are a basic essential in everyones wardrobe and finding the perfect one can be a real challenge. They can easily look thin and flimsy, losing shape and texture with repeated washes. My favourite is the Women U Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt. Check out my previous blog post on these T-Shirts here for more in depth details and photographs.


I am a big trouser gal. I love a good high waisted, straight legged trouser and having them in an array of neutrals is essential to my wardrobe. They are very comfortable, easy to style and one of those pieces that always make me put together even when I have put a very limited amount of effort into my look that day. We always have a tendency to purchase trousers in black, but I challenge you to try out a pair of beige trousers and see how much they add to your potential outfits.


Now I know not everyone enjoys wearing dresses and I am certainly one of those people. I find it very difficult to find dresses that suit me without making me look like I am wearing a sack, however I still think it is quite important to have a dress you feel confident wearing. It may take some time to find what aesthetic suits you best, however I do believe it is possible. This dress from Ganni makes me feel confident and fits well in my wardrobe with its structured figure and limited skin exposure, creating a feminine, subdued but unique look. If you still cannot get your head around wearing a dress, a jumpsuit is always a great alternative.


Shoes are my favourite pieces to invest in. A pair of black boots of good quality are great to pair with pretty much everything and can be an easy but stylish option during winter. My current favourite boots are the Vagabond Shoemaker Simone Boots. They are a basic black boot with a twist, modernised by their square toe and Colombian inspired heels.


A functional bag is something we all need. We all have different standards for what functionality is and the size of your preferred handbag will depend upon that. I am typically a lover of smaller bags, however recently I have come to embrace the tote. The bag that has truly proven its worth to me is the Marc Jacobs Tag Tote in Cement. It is not as big as your standard tote, however it fits a shockingly large amount of my things. It is wonderful quality and its neutral colouring means it matches any outfit I may be wearing. The red inner leather adds a touch of contrast and colour while also elevating the piece to a more luxurious standard.

12 thoughts on “My Top Ten Wardrobe Essentials

  1. This was so helpful! I am so bad at coming up with cute combinations, I really think I just need to pair back my wardrobe to the essentials and build it up again cause I’m kind of stuck between my child and my adult senses of fashion. Thanks 🤗


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