Korean skincare has been increasingly making its way into my skincare routine over the past year. With it’s wonderful, high quality formulations and accessible price points, there is no reason not to explore what the market has to offer. I find that very often I can find better, or alternative products to those offered on the Western markets for a fraction of the price and brands like Pyunkang Yul and Missha have truly changed my skin for the better.

A brand that I have seen very positively spoken about all around the beauty community is Son&Park. Their Beauty Water and Beauty Filter Cream have gained somewhat of a cult status, so I decided that I would give them a try and see if they live up to the hype.


This product is a dual purpose cream, meant to be used both as moisturiser and primer. The cream contains pearl to illuminate the complexion and rosa damascena flower to help control sebum production. When using it, your skin should look bright and smooth. It can be used both on its own, or underneath makeup to brighten and illuminate.

The key ingredient in this moisturiser is Vitamin C, which works to brighten skin, lightening scars and hyperpigmentation with consistent use. It also contains a mix of eight different white flower extracts: white rose, lilium, candidum, edelweiss, iris, lotus, daffodil, and freesia. If you are struggling with acne, there is also a hint of tea tree oil and Vitamin E to boost hydration.

The cream has a very interesting texture. It is thick and creamy without being heavy and oily. A little goes a long way. Apply sparingly as the cream does have an interesting finish and if too much is applied it can give you an unflattering white cast due to the pearly shimmer running through it. Probably the most interesting thing about this cream is the fact that is sets. When blended in, it quickly sets on the skin, mattifying it, which makes for an amazing primer, especially for people with normal to oily skin types, who like me, don’t want to look oily, but still want to retain a glow. I have been using this cream for a few months, have almost finished it and am intending to repurchase.


The Beauty Water is marketed as a multitasking toner and exfoliator in one, that has cleansing, brightening, softening and hydrating effects on the skin. Some key ingredients are the coconut, corn, potato, and wheat that help cleanse the skin, willow bark and papaya that help exfoliate and rose water, which helps with hydration.

This is a product I regret taking the internets advice on. All the positive reviews made my decision for me, which means I failed to investigate the ingredient list before purchase. If you do, you may notice Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water third on the ingredients list. Witch hazel is an astringent, commonly marketed as a good ingredient in combatting oily skin and acne. I do not find this to be the case. Combatting oil and acne by drying out the skin is a very old fashioned approach and one that I find achieves nothing but drying out spots, exacerbating hyperpigmentation and leaving me with dark spots for longer periods of time. I find keeping my skin barrier strong and my skin healthy and hydrated ultimately gives better results. I have seen some people mention using this product as a mist, or even a makeup remover, which I think would be way too harsh on the skin.

When I first received this product I was very excited to try it out and added it to my skincare routine in the toner stage. After around a week I started feeling my skin getting quite dry and tight, which is never a good sign. That is when I decided to figure out why this may be, leading me to investigate the ingredients list. After finding Witch Hazel on the list and third down nonetheless I promptly removed it from my routine. I would not recommend this product, even if you think you have tough problematic skin, but especially if you have sensitive skin. Opting for a hydrating, gentle toner will benefit your skin more in the long run.

7 thoughts on “SON&PARK Review. The Beauty Filter Cream And The Beauty Water

  1. Thanks for review. The cream looks interesting.
    I tried The Beauty Water few years ago and I didn’t feel like repurchasing it. However, I didn’t used it at toner stage, but as a micellar water and washed it off each time.

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