Primer is a step in our makeup routine we often deem unnecessary, but is it really? We have all been guilty of slapping some concealer onto our eyelids as a base for eyeshadow, myself included, however today I want chat to you about why that may be a mistake, as well as showing you my favourite eyeshadow primer at the moment.

Why You Should Be Using A Primer

Concealer as eyeshadow primer may seem like a great idea, however, especially if you have oily eyelids, here is why you should be using a primer instead. First of all, concealers are formulated for the undereye and the face, so they have to have some moisture in order to help them grip to the skin. As we do not have oil glands in our undereye area, concealers formulated for that purpose will actually have some oil content to keep that area smooth and hydrated. As eyelids tend to be very oily, the use of concealer as an eyeshadow base will actually introduce even more moisture to the lids, causing your eyeshadow to crease even faster, breaking down the product.

With an eye primer you have a sticky base for the shadow to stick to, while still maintaining blendability. With concealer that isn’t set, you will have some patchyness when attempting to blend as well as increased breakdown of product. With concealer set with powder on the lid, you are creating a surface that makes it impossible for eyeshadow to stick to. Instead you are merely attempting to blend powder onto powder. What will happen in this situation is, the eyeshadow will not blend, but rather move around. This is why you will often notice your eyeshadow vanishing throughout the day. It’s like trying to stick two matte items together without any glue.

My Current Favourite

My current favourite lid primer is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden. The biggest reason I was using concealer on the lids for a while is that I have some discoloration that peeks through your standard primer, and for a while, the only primers available were ones that set translucent or white, unless you used a cream product such as the MAC Painterly Paint Pot, however those do not work for me, as they are not dry enough for my overly oily eyelids.

When Urban Decay launched their Primer Potions in different shades, it was a game changer for me. The shade Eden has a more skin-like colour, avoiding the unnatural looking white base while also helping me lightly conceal my eyelids without any extra products. Check out the photo below to see how well it conceals my eyelid on its own.

Since making the switch back to primer, I have definitely noticed a huge difference between the performance of a concealer and a primer as an eyeshadow base. When with a concealer my eyeshadow will very quickly crease throughout the day, or vanish if I get powder involved, the primer helps my eyeshadow hold on for much longer with less creasing.

7 thoughts on “Should You Be Using An Eyeshadow Primer?

  1. I recently bought the Urban Decay primer for my eyes and I fell in love with it! I, too, have really oily lids and it’s a shame what my lids look like after the oil attacks! Lol. 😂 The color of the shadow is so vibrant when using this primer. Love this post and so glad it reaffirms that I made a great purchase!

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  2. I published a post about primer this year, and I totally agree. Concealer is an ok option for a temporary eyeshadow look, but primer is the best way to go. Ever since I discovered eyeshadow primer I have not looked back. Primer Potion is definitely in my post as one of my favorites!

    xoxo Amanda |

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  3. Thanks for this information! I totally agree with you about powder eyeshadows but I also find it really depends on the particular formula of a shadow, how you’re using it and what sort of temperature/weather you’re wearing it in. Humid countries may find their shadow moves around a lot without one, and if you’re doing something like a photo shoot and need it to stay in place all day they’re great. But cooler climates or cream shadow formulas might not need one at all- particularly if you’re going for more of a natural look x

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    1. Thanks so much Sally! Yep you are definitely right, especially if you don’t suffer with oily skin, however my eyelids will obliterate absolutely anything if I don’t prime properly unfortunately. If you can get away without it, i’m jealous!


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