With winter setting in, my skin has been feeling dryer with every passing day. More texture and some dry patches have decided that taking residence on my face is a good idea. I have combination skin, so my cheeks and undereyes especially suffer during winter. A good moisturising mask is a must have for me during the cold seasons and when I went to grab one out of my drawer a couple of weeks ago, I realised I didn’t have any. All I had were sheet masks. Shocking I know.

My go to last winter was the Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Conditioning Face Mask, which I highly recommend if you can get your hands on it, however it wasn’t readily available and waiting a month for delivery was out of the question. My go-to eye cream is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Roll On which is great, however during winter I need something more heavy duty. I was desperate for some hydration, so I decided to go with the brand that never lets me down, Avène.


After hearing Lisa Eldridge rave about this mask over and over again, I figured now was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. It has a nice lotion-like texture that isn’t messy to apply. It leaves my skin feeling soft, calm and nourished. It however is not the heavy duty mask I was expecting. Instead, it fills a different place in my skincare routine, one I didn’t know I even needed. One of more regular application.

This product is very, very soothing. The mineral oil content is high, which works to lock in moisture. After applying a thin layer all over the skin, most of the product will sink in, working to restore the cutaneous barrier and promoting skin hydration. It has a very subtle but lovely scent, and feels luxurious in both texture and feel. If you are after a traditional moisturising mask, this product is probably not the best choice, however if you are looking for a lovely mask that will be kind to your skin, this is worth a try.


This product was a little bit of a surprise. It is very rare for an eye cream to actually make a difference to my under eyes, however this cream actually did. I had developed a slight dry patch right along the centre of my eye bag on the left side and after two days of nighttime application, it was gone. I am very pleased with how it performs and has won its place in my nightly routine, with the Neutrogena being relegated to morning use for now.

The only downside of this cream is that it does not play well with makeup so it has to sit in my nighttime routine. Blending makeup on top resulted in it rolling off the face for me, so if that’s what you’re after maybe this isn’t the best choice for you. However if what you’re after is hydration and a soothing effect to the under eye, this is lovely.

Let me know in the comments what your dry skin saviours are and if you have a favourite mask you think I should add to my routine!

4 thoughts on “Two New Skincare Favourites. The Avène Soothing Range

  1. I love using an oil for dry skin. Right now I’m using the oil from honest beauty. I’d definitely want to try that eye cream. right now I’m using the Kylie skin one and I’m not loving it

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  2. My dry skin holy grails are the CosRX Comfort Ceramide Cream and just a layer of jojoba oil! Seriously, they help with dryness and sensitivity so much. Quick note: the Comfort Ceramide cream is scented with bergamot fruit oil. It’s pretty mild, but it causes sensitivity with some people. If you’re interested in a moisturizing mask, I usually just use raw honey in the wintertime, since it’s really soothing and moisturizing.

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    1. Thank you so much for the recs! Will definitely check them out. Also can’t believe I didn’t think of just slathering some honey all over my face. That’s definitely happening today

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