For the second instalment in my series focusing on old favourites, I wanted to revisit the Bite Beauty Multistick in Almond. Multisticks always seem like a fantastic purchase to me, but they all eventually end up forgotten as powder products emerge as the easy way out in the mornings.

Today I wanted to do a full look using the multistick and see why I ever stopped using it, as well as whether this is a product I could reintroduce into my daily routine. Cream products have an added level of complexity when used in conjunction with powder products. The order in which such products are used matters and their lasting power is often not as good, so let’s see how this product from Bite Beauty performs.

The Product

The product is marketed as multipurpose, making it possible to use the same stick to contour the eyes, cheeks and lips. In theory, a beautiful idea very popular among brands and an easy way to create a monochromatic, cohesive look.

Use and Swatches

The product swatches well, highly pigmented with no skipping. It initially appears on the drier side, with a matte finish but does warm up to the skin. Previously, I had mostly used this as an eyeshadow base and lipstick, however what it now stood out to me as now is its potential use as a subtle blush. I never used to use blush as I do have very mild rosacea on the cheeks and nose, however lately its kind of grown on me and I’m excited to see how it will perform. It’s a gorgeous terracotta colour with a cool undertone which is a shade I find very difficult to locate in blush products or any products at all.

Bringing It Back

Using it again has definitely showed me why I stopped using this product. While it is a beautiful shade, it is too creamy to wear on the eyes. Today I set it with a shade Choco from my Morphe 35O Nature Glow Artistry Palette. I have extremely oily eyelids and the multistick causes my eye makeup to break down and crease even faster. It is nice on the lips, however dries down very matte after a while and isn’t extremely comfortable for extended periods of time.

The area it performed nicely in is the cheeks. I tried applying it straight onto foundation on one side, on top of powdered skin on the other and it performed the same on both sides, not disturbing my base, blending in effortlessly. Going forward I will be moving this product over to the blush step of my routine, with occasional use as a lipstick. If this is a favourite product of yours do let me know how it works best for you!

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