Even though I’ve been a makeup junkie for years now, a brand I’ve always been cynical about has been MAC. Shamefully I’ve never actually tried any MAC makeup. I don’t know why, but their marketing and aesthetic never appealed to me, seeming very heavy and, for a lack of a better word, cakey.

Maybe it stems from my high school years, when everyone seemed to be using the brand, but I have never seen a full face of MAC products that doesn’t look like a bit of a mask which put me off of the whole brand. One exception to this is their Face and Body Foundation which I am quite interested in trying out, but for my first impression I thought I would go with maybe the most iconic product from MAC, their lipsticks. Today I want to try them out and see if they live up to the their reputation. For my first two I purchased some of their most popular shades, Whirl and Russian Red, both in a matte formula.


Whirl is muted medium-dark brown with a matte finish and a greyish undertone. My lips are quite pigmented, peeking through anything nude. I find that this is just about as light as I can go with my lipstick without any issues. This shade is lovely and very wearable for me.

I expected this lipstick to be drying but it surprised me! It was matte but not overly drying, rather a little creamy and quite comfortable. I found that it tugged at my lips a little when applying, also catching onto the slight dryness I had in one area of my lip, but not horribly.


When I was choosing which shades to go with I knew one of them had to be a red. Initially I was going to choose the brighter Ruby Woo, but decided against the Retro Matte formulation as I thought it wouldn’t be very uncomfortable and I’m happy I did. Russian red is a cool toned medium-dark red with a matte finish.

I found this shade applied smoother that Whirl, gliding over the lips nicely with less resistance. For a red lipstick this was very easy to apply straight from the bullet without the need for a lipliner which is great for touch ups throughout the day. I found that this shade did stain my lips slightly, which is quite common, but something to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think these lipsticks are nice. They are very pigmented, which for a matte lipstick is ideal, making them lightweight and comfortable on the lips. The makeup industry has been booming for the past few years and with some amazing formulations out on the market, I think these lipsticks may have been revolutionary when they first emerged, but now stack up as good, but not incredible. What I do think they are though, is amazing for the price point.

Yes, there are amazing lipsticks out on the market, but the prices have come to be absolutely ridiculous. With Pat McGrath lipsticks at AU$67, NARS at AU$54, Tom Ford at AU$71 and Charlotte Tilbury at AU$49 each, the price point of MAC lipsticks has now come to be considered quite affordable at AU$30, especially when compared to increasing drugstore prices. The REVLON Super Lustrous Luscious Matte Lipsticks are now AU$24.95, only $5 cheaper than those offered by MAC.

The MAC matte lipsticks to me are quite similar to the Fenty Mattemoiselle formulation, both at a similar pricepoint. In my opinion, they are both great options if you are in the market for a pigmented, comfortable matte lipstick and between the two, the shade choices are endless. Thankfully this is definitely not a purchase I regret at all and my first experience with MAC has been a positive one.

18 thoughts on “Are MAC Lipsticks Really Worth It?

  1. You mentioned face and body in your article and I highly recommend it. It’s water based, transfer and smudge resistant and also, buildable. When I apply about a nickel sized amount for my whole face it leaves a very natural looking coverage. It is definitely my go to summer foundation due to the sweat resistance.

    I’m so glad you tried the lipsticks, definitely an iconic product. 🙂

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    1. I’m definitely going to give it a go when I get through some of the ones I have now! It really does sound exactly like what I love in a foundation! Thank you xx


  2. Big fan!
    Matt Mac Lipsticks are great for THIN lips too gals….
    Also if you like Whirl you will love “Velvet Teddy.”..it has same undertone but for a more softer natural look.
    Iv also used the pretty pink shade “Please Me” for years now.
    So sorry the “Pink Plaid” is discontinued…pink with a blue undertone…anyone know if there is any stock around the world or suggestions for a similar matt mac option?

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  3. Love Mac lipsticks! They come out with some great seasonal shades that are gorgeous! The only thing I don’t like is when there gone, there gone! Favorite go to is snob!

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  4. Those colors look beautiful on you! I love the red! I used to love Mac lipsticks but I agree I think now there’s a lot of other options on the market. Still a good option though especially since the price is a lot better than others

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  5. Great color choices, they’re understated, but still bold! I love MAC’s colors, but their formulas always feel just a little too dry for me. Have you checked out the EM Cosmetics infinite lip clouds? The textures of their lipsticks are really nice.

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