If the first thing you want to do after work is liberate your boobs from their cage, you are definitely not alone. We all want to be comfortable and bras don’t make the list of clothes we want to be wearing at home. A poorly fitting bra can be the culprit of many problems and in my case it resulted in shortness of breath, heartburn and headaches, however what do you do, when like me, no bra seems to ever fit properly. No matter what bra size, shape or design I seemed to try, underwires never stopped digging into my sternum, causing me unbearable pain. So I ditched the underwire.

Since I don’t have a bust to call home about, I was using the underwire and excessive padding purely for the purpose of hiding my nipples. I don’t need excessive support, so the option of adopting the bralette has been a real life changer. Daily chest pain is now an issue of the past and wearing soft bras has made me realise that my nipples are nothing to be ashamed of, or be constantly hiding as they are a part of every single persons body.

The Options

If adopting a wire-free lifestyle is something you are considering, there are many options. From cute mesh and lace, to more practical, sportier options, there is something for everyone out there. If masking your nipples is something you want to achieve, there are wire-free bras available with light padding. If you have a larger bust, there are options with some extra support and a wider band. All it takes is a little bit of digging around to find your perfect, comfortable fit.

My Favourites

The brands that have emerged as my favourites to purchase wire free bras from are Calvin Klein and Love Stories. We have all seen the classic Calvin Klein cotton bralettes all over the internet, however for someone looking for something a little bit classier, they make good quality, nicely designed bras. Love Stories offers a range that is a little bit fancy and cute as well as high quality, completely winning me over as a customer. They are very comfortable and fit me perfectly which is a very welcome change from my past experiences.

7 thoughts on “I Stopped Wearing Underwire Bras

  1. I’ve ditched underwire bras several years ago. While I still own a few underwire bras, I can’t go back. I’m addicted to bralets.

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  2. I have that „none ever fits mine“ problem too. Last year I came across some of the no wire options, which are indeed healthsavers but for bigger cups it gets harder to find good ones as many also implement some wires anyways. BR x


    1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve actually cut the underwires out of a couple of my bras. I wonder if that would work for bigger cup sizes or if it would just make them useless? I guess its worth a try since you can always just put the wire back in place


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