The white shirt should be at the core of everyones wardrobes. A timeless and classic piece, it can be dressed up or down, providing endless opportunities in styling. It is the answer to whatever quandaries you may have and can carry you through work and play from day to night. Today I will be chatting to you about what to look for when purchasing a classic shirt, as well as showing you a few ways I like to style one of mine.

What To Look For

When it comes to a classic shirt, there are many fabric compositions you may find on the market. As a general rule of thumb, I always aim for natural fibers in my clothing, which means I will always choose a shirt that is either 100% cotton, linen or a mix. You may find that a lot of white shirts may contain elastane or spandex. This will result in the fabric having some stretch, however it will also mean your shirt is not eco-friendly and not biodegradable, so I steer clear.

White shirts come in many shapes and sizes. Oversized, fitted, flowy, boxy or structured, long or short sleeved. It is up to you which you opt for. I personally find having an array of choices quite beneficial, as is offers me different opportunities for styling and different aesthetics, however if you are unsure where to start, I think that going for the most classic style is always most beneficial. A classic high quality cotton shirt, when taken care of will last you a long time and will never go out of style.

The Shirt

Investing in your basics is a great idea, as higher quality items will last longer, however today I will be styling a shirt I purchased from Mango about a year ago. This specific shirt is no longer sold on the website, however it is proof that if you keep an eye out, brands very often have high quality products for a decent price.


Here styled for a clean smart casual look with the ASOS DESIGN casual pant with balloon leg and VAGABOND Simone Boots.


Mango shirt here styled with the GANNI Printed Crepe Skirt, VAGABOND Simone Boots and a mens black leather belt.

I enjoy creating some juxtaposition between the feminine and masculine, adding some interest to a more feminine piece that may otherwise feel unfitting to my personal style.


Here styled with my WRANGLER Hi Birkin Jeans and beloved ST AGNI Bunto Woven Loafers for a more casual ensemble.

A Few Great Options

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