As we are heading into winter here in Australia, the need for warmer clothing is creeping up on me. As it is warm eight out of twelve months every year, the need for coats and jumpers always seems to take me by surprise and every year I seem to be needing a bit of an update and refresh as my style changes over time.

The older I get, I seem to increasingly be leaning towards a more classic, minimalist style that will withstand the test of time and the item that has emerged as this years necessary addition is a trench coat. When it comes to coats, what I look for is the quality of the fabric, in this case hopefully quality 100% cotton. I enjoy a dropped shoulder for a more relaxed feel and quite an oversized look, ensuring comfort and a match to my style and aesthetic. After a thorough scour of what the internet has to offer, I have whittled the selection down to four styles that stood out to me.


RRP AU$699. Currently on sale for AU$342.

This coat stood out to me due to its beautiful structure and quality fabric at 77% Cotton with 23% Linen. I find that Oroton has greatly improved its design aesthetic under the helm of Sophie Holt as creative director over the past year. What makes me unsure of this coat as a choice is its snap closure, as I am leaning more towards a classic button look.


RRP AU$249.90.

This design is more minimalist and androgynous, less of a classic trench. Leaning more towards the style of my other coats, it is beautiful, however what I feel lets it down is the fabric composition including 67% Polyester with 33% Wool. The only one of my choices that is a wool blend which is nice, however that further pulls it away from the classic cotton trench aesthetic, so I am quite torn.


RRP AU$240. Currently on sale for AU$192.

A straight fit canvas coat featuring a self-tie belt and visible seam detailing, this coat is a bit lighter than the others which would make it a good fit for the Aussie climate. It also seems to take itself a little less seriously with a more nonchalant, casual aesthetic without fully relinquishing its classic, structured allure.


RRP $299.95. Currently on sale for $209.97.

This coat stood out to me due to its long design and cotton fabric. The contrast flaps add a nice touch making it stand out from your standard trench style coat. It looks quite high end and of great quality for a reasonable price, however I do wonder whether the size of the collar would bother me as my chest would be quite exposed to the elements.


Out of the four that stood out to me, I believe I will be purchasing the belted canvas coat by & Other Stories as my first choice. The brand never lets me down and with a composition of 100% cotton, dropped shoulders and understated, timeless design it is the one that is most likely to suit my aesthetic best. While the others have stronger more structured looks, this one is quite minimal and seems to be able to suit anything from a simple jean and jumper to a more smart outfit, while still looking lovely. If you want to know how this works out, if I love it or return it and go with one of the other options, follow the blog as I will be posting an update and review once I receive it!

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