The t-shirt is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of clothing and one that is an essential part of most people’s wardrobe. While they may seem basic, some are just better than others, from fit, cut and colour to fabric quality and composition. This if one of those items that you can spend five dollars on or hundreds, with the only real variation being brand name.

I’ve spent years trying to find the perfect t-shirt. It seems easy, after all it’s just a t-shirt, but not for me. What I am looking for in my basics is structure and quality fabric. A piece that will not fall apart after one wash, that will not thin out or lose shape over time and that does not cost a fortune. After all, I cannot be spending an exorbitant amount on a simple t-shirt every time an unfortunate coffee spill occurs. And now, the search is over! Finally!

The T-shirt

As the epitome of the obsessive budget shopper I am always on the hunt for a good bargain. A good bargain on a quality product, however may not be what most people may consider affordable, however between the racks and stacks of clothing you may associate with Uniqlo stores I have found perfection.

The WOMEN U CREW NECK SHORT-SLEEVE T-SHIRT, with its thick material and perfect crew neck stood out. At AU$14.90, yes the shirts are cheap, but not cheaply made and that is what made me instantly grab five colour options and I have to tell you, I do not regret that choice in the least.

The Fabric and How It Wears

As you should always aim for, this t-shirt is 100% cotton. The body of the shirt is made of thick fabric which is structured, but not stiff, indicating lasting power. The neckline is beautifully done, looking substantial and of high quality, elevating the look of the whole shirt.

I have been wearing mine for a few months now and having been washed repeatedly, I can say they are wearing very well. No loss of structure or shape, they come out of the dryer looking perfect. I am so very pleased with this find and with how affordable they are, making it quite easy to replace a piece if something happens, without breaking the bank. The t-shirt comes in an array of different colours and I fully intend on expanding my collection.

Sizing and Fit

The one thing to keep in mind if you intend on purchasing these shirts is that initial fit may be deceiving. I like my t-shirts oversized, so I initially purchased them in a large size, however I did find that after the first wash they shrunk ever so slightly, which is an indication that the fabric may not have been pre-washed. It’s just a simple matter of sizing up though no big deal. These shirts are also available in the men’s section, so if you find you prefer a wider fit you can always also experiment with the men’s sizing.

Ultimately, I am so excited to have found such a beautiful piece for such an accessible price and do not see myself even dabbling in any others. Uniqlo has gotten themselves a loyal customer in me!

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