With all the constant drops from our favourite makeup brands it’s pretty much impossible to keep up and it can make a real dent in our bank accounts. As someone who likes experimenting with new brands and formulas, getting excited about products is all fine and dandy, but I cannot afford to be constantly splashing out $60 on a single lipstick or highlighter as I would quickly become a broke ass b*tch.

Today I’m going to share with you some ways that I shop high end makeup on a budget. It takes some patience and dedication, but if you want to get your hands on some of those hyped products without the extreme price tag then keep on reading.

Shop Travel Sizes

Shopping travel sized products makes no sense for foundation, concealer or mascara, but when it comes to products that sit on rotation in our collection, it’s the way to go. I find shopping travel sized lipsticks and highlighters perfect, as the likelihood of me finishing one of those products is pretty minute. With highlighters, we use such a small amount of the product daily, and most of us have more than one in our collection that it seems like quite a waste to even purchase a full sized product. Similarly, I barely ever use up a lipstick and a travel size has the perfect amount of product for occasional use. If you then use up the travel size then you’ll know the full sized investment is worth it.

  • I purchased my Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipsticks in a pack of three all travel sized, priced at AU$36, while one full sized lipstick retails for AU$67. (The LUST: Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio is still available at Sephora here)
  • My travel sized Fenty Killawatt Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby and Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow were priced at AU$32 as a bundle, while individually they are priced at AU$57 and AU$31 respectively. (A bundle including the Diamond Bomb in How Many Carats?! and the Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y currently available at Sephora for AU$39 here)

All these travel sized products have more product than you would think and it’s definitely my favourite way to shop. It gives me a chance to actually finish up a product before moving on, reducing clutter and waste.

Wait for Sales and Holiday Periods

I know that lipstick you were eyeing out is exciting and you want it NOW, but if you want to save a couple bucks on your wishlist, the best thing to do is wait a while. Most brands will come out with gift sets during the holiday periods that will be more value for money. Even better, you are likely to save the most money when those holiday themed gift sets and bundles go on further sales once the holidays are over. Granted you may miss out on what you most had your heart set on, but you are likely to get a variation on what you most desired for a lot less money.

Alternatively, keeping an eye on the Sephora sale page is a great way to land a good deal. Brands that you would not expect to be on sale such as Becca and Marc Jacobs can very often be found there for up to 50% off RRP.

Wait For The Hype To Die Down

It’s exciting to be purchasing those holy grail products when everyone is raving about them, but quite quickly the hype will die down. A week, a month later a new release will be more exciting and the older product that you wanted will be a thing of the past. That is the perfect time to grab them. As products leave the spotlight, they are more likely to enter sales sections or even be included in bundles. Items that were then unattainable will eventually become stock the brand needs gone and thats when we pounce. When the brand is looking to offload some stock is also the time when some good deals can be found on alternate websites such as Catch. Catch is an Australian vendor that offers some great bargains on brands such as Nars, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit. Check it out!

Shop Bundles

Bundles are a fantastic way to shop some brands. Travel sizes often come in bundles, making them great deals and giving you the chance to try out a variation of products. Brands such as Nudestix and Benefit offer bundles all year around, not only during holiday periods and they can be a fantastic way to save some money.

For example, while an individual Lip/Cheek Pencil from Nudestix is priced at AU$40 at Sephora, a kit such as this one, including two Lip/Cheek Pencils and a bronzer is priced at AU$42.

Let me know how you shop to save, or if this post has inspired you to adopt the travel sized makeup world. Thats all for now and see you next time!

11 thoughts on “Shopping High End Makeup on a Budget

  1. Love this post! been wanting to try the By Terry makeup but my crippled bank account won’t allow it – defo going to check these products out now!

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  2. Love this post!❤️ I actually do quite a few off your list, such as buying travel sizes so I can test them out first or when I’m travelling. Also, bundles! Many come out during the Christmas szn

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  3. Love the post and these are all great tips! I love buying travel sizes too because I usually don’t finish a product when I get the full size. I end up selling them or giving them away.

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