We all love buying too much makeup. With something new and exciting always at the forefront, we tend to forget old beloved products. Recently I decluttered my makeup stash quite drastically and there are a few products that I love too much to declutter, but have also not really reached for in a while.

Todays blog post will be the first in a series of revisiting old favourites, with the intention of reintroducing them to my daily makeup routine in the hope that instead wasting product I love by letting it expire then decluttering, I can instead finish old favourites before purchasing any new items in these categories. The first featured item in this series will be the NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo in Copacabana and Sidari Beach.

The Product

The NARS Sculpting Multiple Duos are meant to highlight and contour in order to sculpt the cheeks. The cream based formula makes it easy to use on top of cream or liquid foundations and it can still be used on the eyes and lips like the Original Multiple.

Use and Swatches

This product is beautiful and very easy to blend. Contour shades never quite work on me as with my skins neutral undertone everything comes up too warm for actual contour. I always used the contour shade on this as a bronzer which works much better for me.

Funny thing with these, when swatched they literally come up like nothing. Swatches look like nothing. Barely any pigment, contour side looks like it won’t be deep enough, highlight looks like it won’t do anything. But the difference between swatches and the beauty that happens when they go onto the face, is night and day.

Bringing it Back

I do believe I had forgotten how this product performs and when I swatched them I didn’t think they were good enough but damn. This product gives you the most beautiful bronze and glow. I must be crazy keeping this in my drawer.

This fits in perfectly with my current makeup routine which uses more creamy products instead of powders, as I do now prefer a more minimal, glowy and dewy look to the skin. Less coverage, contour and intense highlight, more natural, lightly bronzed with a lit from within glow.

If you’re also hogging this product and letting it go to waste without use, I think its time to pull it out and give it the attention it truly deserves!

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