Dedicating some time to your skincare routine is a great way to take some time to relax at the end of the day, allowing your mind and body to slow down. There are various masks out there that you can purchase, but if you want to either save some money, have run out or want to move towards a more organic skin care routine, here are five DIY masks that can be achieve with ingredients you find around the home that will be great for your skin and the environment.

Turmeric and Yoghurt

We all love a good glow. Turmeric is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that even out skin tone, giving you a natural, healthy glow. It also has antibacterial properties that may help breakout prone skin. Greek yoghurt has rejuvenating and moisturising properties that when combined with turmeric will brighten and moisturise the skin, reducing redness. If you mix too much, just pop it in the fridge and use within a few days.

Avocado and Oatmeal

Avocado is rich in oils, vitamins E, C, K and antioxidants, making a perfect ingredient for a moisturising and nourishing mask. Combining it with oatmeal will result in a great nourishing and exfoliating mask. Oatmeals texture not only acts as a gentle exfoliator, but its nutrients can soak up oils from the skin, benefiting acne-prone skin in a gentle manner. Honey can also be added to the mix for an extra boost of moisture.


We all know cucumbers on the eyes are great for reducing puffiness, but cucumber all over the face can be just as beneficial. Cucumber is a great ingredient for sensitive skins. As cucumbers are mostly water, there are no ingredients to worry about that will irritate the skin. For a simple mask for reducing puffiness and hydrating the skin, simply blend up some cucumber and slather it all over the skin. For added moisture and increased ease of use mix the cucumber in with some honey.


Bananas contain silica, a relative of silicone which can help increase collagen production as well as keeping skin hydrated and smooth. Bananas contain potassium as well as vitamins B6, C and A. All these nutrients and vitamins can help with issues such as wrinkles, acne and dry skin. For a simple mask, simply mash a banana and apply all over the skin. Honey can also be mixed in and this mask is also great for achieving smooth shiny hair.

Eggs and Honey

Egg white and lemon juice have astringent properties which will tighten the skin and minimise pores. Mix in one egg white with a tablespoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice. This mask is best for those with oily or combination skin. Honey is crucial to this mask for its moisturising properties, as otherwise the egg and lemon may be drying to the skin.

Let me know if you give any of these DIY masks a go and how they performed for you, or if you know of any other miracle pantry treatments!

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