The look and feel of a space has a huge impact on mood and state of mind. Different people find different spaces and styles appealing, from bohemian and modern to midcentury and minimalist. When styling a house, an exploration of what appeals to you best is crucial for turning a house into a home. Colour schemes, shapes and aesthetics will determine whether the way a house is decorated feels welcoming and personal to each individual.

Personally, I enjoy a mid-century modern style best. A natural clean aesthetic with warm touches of wood and greens help me feel calm and help reduce anxiety. Clutter and an excess of decoration cause me stress, making me feel unsettled and claustrophobic. While each home will have a very individual look, I feel that there are a few components that can elevate any aesthetic and improve the way in which your house serves you and your life.

Bring The Green Indoors

Incorporating plants is a beautiful way of bringing life indoors. There are countless plants that are easy to care for, making this an easy way to improve the look and feel of your home. While plants are beautiful, there are many more benefits for having them around. With an ability to filter out toxic compounds in the air, some can even control dust levels, also increasing humidity which is great for your respiratory system and skin.

Studies prove that being in nature is great for alleviating anxiety and reducing stress and it has been shown that indoor plants will have a similar effect. If your house is lacking greens, this is the most beneficial change to make within the space you inhabit.

Space for Entertaining

Adding a bar cart to your space, or simply dedicating a shelf or area with the purpose of entertaining is lovely. While drinking is something that should be done responsibly, it is lovely to have an organised space that you can access for a fun cocktail or while entertaining friends. Making your home a welcoming space to friends and family is a great way to improve social living and if nothing else it really makes you feel like an well put together adult.

Home Accessories

Adding cushions and throws to the home is a great way of adding some style and comfort. I find cushions to be a great way of keeping your home fresh and exciting, as it is very easy to purchase new covers to change things up whenever they start feeling a little boring. H&M home have some great offerings, made of beautiful velvet, as well as Ikea, where you will be able to find pretty much any shade and colour you can possibly want. Both stores also sell feather cushions in an array of sizes and shapes.

Art Display

If your home is suffering from the white wall syndrome, it may be time to hang up some art. This is a great way to add some style and a reflection of your personality and passions in your home. There’s something special about bringing a carefully crafted piece of artwork into your home. Whether you can afford to purchase originals, or you would like prints of some classic favourites, art will give your home some personality and a unique sense of self. Art can be hung up individually, or in gallery form, it all depends on what look you’re going for and can be a part of any home and aesthetic.


Lighting is a huge part of any home. The type of lighting I would like to propose as a nice change of ambiance is mood lighting. Warm light is very relaxing and can change the atmosphere within a home. If you’ve always hated the way in which your stark downlights or ceiling lighting feels, try adding lamps with vintage bulbs, or salt lamps around the home. These will very softly light up a room, adding a warmer nuance by creating lovely ambiance, making the home feel welcoming and relaxed.

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