I haven’t tried some new makeup in ages and since I’ve been sitting at home withering away, buying some new stuff to try seemed like a great idea! If you’ve perused my recent blog post detailing my daily makeup routine, you’ll know that I keep my makeup quite minimal. After a thorough declutter I have stopped hoarding any makeup beyond what I use on a daily basis, but sometimes it’s fun and exciting to try a new product rather than repurchasing the old, or adding one on that may expand the potential of my stash, inspiring some creativity. Here are the two products that sparked my interest recently.

Marc Jacobs Fineliner Ultra Skinny Gel Eye Crayon – Grape(Vine)

This liner from Marc Jacobs is marketed as a waterproof, smudge proof gel formula that glides on precisely for flawless application, setting in place for all-day wear. On the website, it is recommended for use in the waterline, as a fine liner, or for a cat-eye flick.

After years of wearing a black cat eye on a daily basis, I have steered away, enjoying a softer look. Brown and purple eyeliners are now my favourites for the waterline and for the rare occasion that I do a more graphic liner as they add definition while not being overwhelming, also being very flattering to brown eyes.


Grape(vine) is a beautiful purple shade. The formula is soft and very easy to apply due to how thin the tip of the pencil is. It does not skip and creates an opaque liner without creating any unevenness. I found creating a winged liner effortless which is quite rare with pencil liners.

At first impression where this falls short is lasting power. The website advertises the liner as self-setting and long lasting, however after applying this and wearing it for a couple of hours it fully transferred to my upper lid. I was so confused because of all the amazing reviews online, but when I then pressed the back of my hand onto my eye it fully stamped onto my hand. I’m not sure if I did something wrong but it did not set and remained quite sticky the whole time it was on. It is SO, SO sad as the colour is so beautiful, but if you have oily eyelids like me, this will need to be set with an eyeshadow at least.

Where it did hold up however is in the waterline. After a few hours, makeup remover and a shower, it still held on for dear life. This will likely be the way I will continue to use this product the most.


This foundation is marketed as weightless, with medium/buildable coverage and a velvety, natural finish. Enriched with Sodium Hyaluronate and BECCA’s Glow Nectar Brightening Complex – Bitter Ginger and a Cold Pressed Avocado and Melon Blend, the formula supposedly instantly moisturises the skin. Pore-blurring pigments will hug the complexion to diffuse the appearance of imperfections for a skin-like finish.

The reason this sparked my interest is the hope that this will give me the skin-like result I like out of my foundations. I have read some quite split reviews, some claiming that the foundation was too heavy, some that it was amazing. I held hope that I would be in the second group.


Right off the bat, I found that the shade range was kind of confusing. The first three shades are all described as light beige and as I purchased online it was a real miracle that the shade turned out okay. Maybe a tiny bit on the light side but okay.

I typically use a small pump of foundation for my whole face for light coverage. As soon as I pumped out the product I noticed it was much thicker than I have come to expect. To test out its blendability I decided to go ahead and use my fingers. I find that if a foundation is quite streaky, the finger blend will make it very obvious. Blending turned out to be very easy.

A small pump, as pictured was more than enough for my entire face. What was left over I patted over the areas where there was some discoloration in my skin and I have to say it builds nicely. As for coverage, it is heavier than I prefer, with a more matte finish than I usually wear. I have combination skin and it did catch onto a couple of dryer areas. I would say this is best for normal to oily skin types, or if you wanted to use it anyway, make sure you stay on top of your skincare.

Overall, as a first impression I think it’s quite nice. It made my skin look blurred and the application was effortless. Even though it has a little more coverage than I prefer, I do not feel like it smothered my skin or made me look cakey in any way. This is not a comprehensive review as my opinion may be different after a ten hour workday but after a few hours it did hold up nicely and didn’t feel heavy or break down. I don’t know if I would choose this before my Revlon Candid Foundation though, but that is likely due to the fact that the Becca is four times the price.

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