Scents are a true challenge for me. I don’t enjoy overly floral, sweet, spicy or citrusy scents. My two options are to either wear a scent that is quite androgynous or if it is to be feminine it needs to be quite mature and refined. Scents that are too overpowering or do not blend well with my skin will make me feel nauseous and give me a headache which is not ideal.


My current favourite scent is offered by Burberry in their My Burberry Black Parfum. This scent was designed with their Classic Trench Coat in mind, embodying the strong, confident and stylish woman.

Created by renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the scent is intense and sensual, reminiscent of a London garden amidst a storm, the heavy rain contrasting with the warm flora. The fragrance blends jasmine flower and peach nectar with rose. Amber patchouli adds depth grounding the scent somewhat.

This scent is very interesting. It is feminine, but very mature. While floral, the amber brings a level of depth that elevates it past a traditionally floral scent. There is sweetness present, however it is not sickly, instead the rose component comes through, creating a feeling of warmth and elegance.

As for longevity, it performs incredibly. As this is a Parfum, the concentration of scent means that your morning application will last all day and linger on clothing.

Once the right perfume mixes with the skins pH, it should no longer be very strong to the wearer, but still noticeable to others. Scents will react and therefore smell differently on different individuals. If you find perfumes to be sickly and overpowering it is likely that the scent does not react well with your skin. This scent is absolutely wonderful on me, creating a warm hug of scent without it being aggressive. Truly beautiful.

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