We all probably like to shop more often than we’d like to admit. But shopping shouldn’t be done at the expense of the planet and the people enduring subpar working conditions. If you would like some tips on how to become a more ethical and sustainable shopper just keep reading.


The only true way of shopping sustainably is buying what has already been produced instead of something new. Purchasing vintage or pre-owned helps prevent clothing from ending up in landfills and reduces demand for fast fashion throughout the supply chain. To support the recycling of clothing, when you are looking to invest in a new piece, consider vintage and when you declutter, SELL. It is a great way to cycle clothing without the environmental footprint and extra expense. With marketplaces such as Depop and Poshmark you can get your hands on great pieces for amazing deals.


Some items are impossible to find in good pre-owned condition. The important thing when buying new is the only option is locating ethical sources and brands. Do your research and support smaller brands that are sustainable and transparent about their practices. It may cost you slightly more upfront than if you just headed into your local shopping centre, but higher quality items will last you longer, reducing the cost per wear over time.


If you have an event coming up and your sustainable, ethical wardrobe does not quite cater to the glitz and glamour, this is the perfect time to rent. There is an array of websites and apps out there that let you rent gorgeous pieces for a night, then return them. There is no reason for a trendy piece to be purchased for one event, then for it to just end up sitting in your closet unworn. Renting will also be cheaper which will allow you to wear that gorgeous designer dress you could never have afforded anyway.


Taking good care of your clothes plays a huge part in maintaining sustainable practices. Make sure to follow care instructions in order to extend the life of your clothes. Salvaging clothes has been one of the huge causes of fast fashion. Throughout most of history, fabric had been a luxury, therefore when clothing was damaged, it was simply repaired. With fast fashion, we no longer salvage clothing. We simply throw it away and purchase something new. This and the vast use of synthetic fabrics are huge contributors to pollution and environmental degradation. So, aim to purchase natural fibres and where possible salvage clothing. Make a tailor your best friend and buy a sewing kit.

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