Hand cream has become a staple of my daily routine. While I suffer from the clammy hand syndrome and hand cream is usually something I’d steer far far FAR away from, last year I developed dermatitis on the tops of my hands. With dermatitis the skin on my hands was dry and I had pinpoint cracks throughout that got itchy and very painful, with stinging or burning every time it came in contact with water. Work, where constant water contact was unavoidable (I was working in hospitality management) and even showers became very painful. Not ideal.

I had to find something that would help soothe my skin, but not just linger on my hands, as that would pretty much stop me being able to complete basic daily tasks. I had been prescribed a cortisone cream, but that did nothing. So I started buying hand creams. And boy did I waste some money on hand creams. In the end, there were only two that both helped my skin and didn’t get on my nerves and thats what I am presenting you with today.


This hand cream is formulated with 4% Niacinamide to soothe and 30% Glycerin for intense hydration providing an invisible wash and friction resistant barrier. I have to say this is what made the biggest difference and if you need to purchase one hand cream that is efficient and has guaranteed results this should be it. It has a quick-absorbing formula offering a finish that is not sticky or oily and allows you to go back to your normal activities straight after application. The texture is like a thick gel, it is not a traditional cream consistency. The crazy thing with this is that it sticks around. It creates this kind of barrier on your skin that even if you then have to use your hands in water it will protect them. It is also the more affordable of the two choices I am presenting you with which is a bonus.


This is the fancy and more traditionally creamy option. If you want to feel like you’re treating yourself this is a beautiful hand cream. With a blend of botanicals and skin softening emollients, this cream is also formulated for labour-wearied hands in order to provide deep hydration. With Glycerin found second on the ingredient list (after water) acting as a humectant in order to trap the moisture that it draws into the skin, and with Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf, Cedar Atlas as key ingredients this cream provides a very moisturising but light formula.

While I was struggling with my skin I used this solely at night since it is a little lighter, and does not have the protective technology of the La Roche-Posay. Since my dermatitis has cleared up, this is the one I’ve kept using. It softens the skin, improves texture while not being heavy and sinks into the skin relatively quickly. And it smells so lovely!

Overall I feel like I will always keep both on hand. They’re very different to each other in both texture and purpose. The La Roche-Posay is very efficient with a very interesting formula perfect for use when you need to get s*** done, and the Aesop is a bit more of an experience and a treat.

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