Okay, so I love makeup and I’d like to ultimately add some beauty content to my repertoire on here that includes my face but I felt that I should have a little chat on the importance of accepting yourself first.

We live in an age of Instagram models, filters and makeup. And while it’s all fun and games for a while, it can lead to a distorted view of what beauty is and of how we see ourselves. It can lead us to overly criticise our appearance and miss out on appreciating our own unique beauty.

Is loving ourselves being able to look in the mirror and for once not feel like we’re just not good enough? Is it being content with ourselves and our place in the world?

I think self-love involves being kind to ourselves, listening to our needs and putting ourselves first sometimes. We need to learn how to conquer our demons and keep negativity in check. Suppressing what we feel may often be the easy way out, however we should tackle any negativity and only then can we move towards an acceptance of reality and happiness. We are our own worst critic and the reason I want to emphasise that point is because I know many of use will use makeup as a way of hiding what we dislike behind a mask of what we feel beauty should look like.

I started wearing makeup daily when I was 15 years old. I became reliant on it and disliked my face otherwise. I would not even leave my room without it let alone the house. It was the first thing I did when I woke up and would not accept anyone seeing me ever without “my face” on. The issue is that after about 5 years of daily wear, I did not even recognise myself in the mirror without it anymore. And that came on top of my dissatisfaction with my body. I could not acknowledge thats who I was and was unhappy with myself. I held myself to an unrealistic standard, so I decided to change it. I decided to take the issue head on. I worked on accepting that I wasn’t a size 0 model, that I didn’t need to be and that beauty is subjective. I just wanted to have a healthy body and mind. It wasn’t easy and was a long process, however I can now say I’m okay with myself and can leave my house natural and confident. I don’t think I’ll ever think i’m perfect, but no one is and thats what makes us unique.

I wanted to start this journey with a clean face. I want you all to see me as I am and know that beauty is relative. I now love makeup for its ability to spark creativity and as an expression of self, not as something to hide behind. So here I am with a clean face. Hello

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