Being human, sometimes it’s difficult to refrain from purchasing things we love. I love makeup, which is why I often end up with a whole stash of products I never reach for. Finding myself buying makeup I don’t need even though I already have enough to last me years is quite frustrating at times, and seems like a waste which is why I decided to declutter my stash and attempt to actually finish some of the products I’ve purchased.

Case in point: my eyeshadow palette collection. Why did I have about a dozen eyeshadow palettes? No idea. On most days my looks involve a simple wash of colour all over the lid, which always seems to come out of the same palettes. Most of the others had one or two standout shades that I kept around just in case I one day felt like being adventurous. But quickly getting ready for work in the morning isn’t exactly conducive to creativity, so that never happened.

When you start going through everything you think is different, you may be in shock at how much we buy is ridiculously similar. Most of mine had one or two shades that were almost used up, and the rest that had barely been touched. In order to downsize, I went though all my palettes, took into consideration what I reached for on a daily basis and what could still maintain some of that excitement and potential for creativity, and got rid of everything else. So here are the four palettes that remained.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette.
This palette is very aptly named, as an all matte concoction of basics covering an array of shades on the cool to warm spectrum. It is my best friend in all eye looks, offering crease colours, base shades or even whole eye looks. It kind of has everything you could possibly want. Highlight shades, warm shades, greys, purples, browns and a beautiful rust shade. If I was to only keep one palette it would be this. Urban Decay has a pretty amazing eyeshadow formula as well. They blend beautifully and have a decent lasting power.

From Top: Gilded, Lava, Midnight Sapphire

BECCA Volcano Goddess Eyeshadow Palette.
Even though I get most use from Red Rock in this palette, it is the one I chose to keep due to its element of fun and potential for creating an array of different looks. There are some cooler shimmer tones in here, which are nice to have around and some more eclectic shades. I’m not gonna lie but the biggest reason for keeping this around is the variation in finishes and those beautiful fun molten metallic shades to the right. Midnight Sapphire is a dream I will not let go of. It contains 12 eyeshadows in 3 different finishes, Ultra Matte, Shimmer, and Molten Metallic.

Devilish, Ambitious, Turn On, Drunk Dial

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette.
For some reason, this palette from Urban Decay was not one that was overly popular upon its release, but is one of my absolute favourites. I am personally a big fan of pinks and purples on the eye. They look amazing on olive skins and I feel they cancel out any greens around the eye when I’m more tired than should be admitted. Most of the shades are warm toned and with the same consistent quality from Urban Decay. The shimmers are very smooth and make a perfect wash of colour all over the lid.

This is my go-to for more red-toned looks. While I do not think the quality of Zoeva eyeshadows quite lives up to the hype, it makes for some more subtle day to day looks, as the pigmentation isn’t overwhelming. The shade Liquid Center in the top right corner is a beautiful metallic and a standout in this palette.


  1. Lay them all out. Get all the palettes you own and lay them all out. See what you’re working with.
  2. Get rid of double-ups. Get swatching. See what shades are similar in different palettes, assess formula and quality and stick with the best. Theres no need to hang on to three palettes with similar shades when you can just use the favourite.
  3. Keep one odd-ball. Keep one palette with more fun shades that you are likely to wear that will work well with the other palettes you’re likely to keep. Having nothing fun will result in further purchases and thats not what we’re trying to achieve.
  4. Always keep an eye out. Keep an eye on what you use. If you never reach for something, it means it just isn’t right and it doesn’t need to stick around. If you uncover something that you used to love but forgot about, pull it out and USE IT.

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