Are you struggling with social isolation and need a little distraction? I personally am a bit of a homebody and have found being in lockdown quite easy, actually quite enjoyable as it’s given me a much needed respite from work. My happy place is snuggled up with my cat in the corner of the couch watching a nice film.

Here, I have put together a list of 10 Classic Films I feel are worthy of the praise they’ve been awarded and that you should watch, or rewatch while in lockdown, or any other time.

1.12 Angry Men

Sidney Lumet’s film is set almost entirely within a jury deliberation room. It is an exploration in character development and an absolutely brilliant depiction of how one lone-voice juror played by Henry Fonda can have a significant impact through simply speaking his mind and debating what initially seems to be a straightforward case. If you think that sounds boring, give it another thought. It is a very interesting and thought provoking piece of cinema.

2.Some Like It Hot

Joe and Jerry witness a mob hit and disguised as female musicians flee the state in what is the very beginning of a very entertaining journey. A masterpiece that intertwines revolutionary female impersonation (for the time), romantic comedy and murder, Some Like It Hot is one of the hallmarks of Hollywood. The film in very snappy and fast paced with endless comedic quality throughout. In what is an iconic role for Marilyn Monroe and a fantastic performance from Jack Lemmon (always), Some Like It Hot is definitely one to add to your list.


During WWII, Casablanca sees its protagonist Rick (Humphrey Bogart) agreeing to help Ilsa and her husband. The plotline lies with Rick, his inner conflict between good and bad, as well as the dramatic love story between him and Ilsa. A true classic.

4.The Philadelphia Story

This classic romantic comedy focuses on a Philadelphia socialite (Katharine Hepburn), her feelings for her ex-husband (Cary Grant), her husband to be, and a reporter. Unsure about her feelings, Tracy must decipher her feelings and decide whom she loves.

5.Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburns most decorated performance, winning her an Academy Award for Best Actress, Roman Holiday revolves around a princess, bored by her circumstance who decided to escape to Rome where she falls in love with an American reporter. This film is a wonderful spectacle.

6.Breakfast at Tiffany’s

If you haven’t seen this film already I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself.
Always a wonderful one to revisit.

7.The Apartment

C. C. Baxter a clerk in an insurance company, lends out his apartment to higher ups to carry out extramarital affairs. This lands him in a sticky situation when he gets stuck in a vicious cycle and on top of all, a romantic interest enters the scene. A challenging, funny and sad film, perfectly cast and perfectly assembled. The film was a multi award winner and a film I feel isn’t spoken about quite enough.


So, I know we’re not supposed to like Woody Allen, deservingly, but I do happen to be a fan of some of his early work, even though at most times problematic. Manhattan is a love letter to New York City. Allen stars as a twice divorced man facing endless unhappiness after his wife (Meryl Streep) leaves him for another woman. He then faces uncertainty in his feelings when he feels guilty for dating a high schooler (alarm bells!!!) and wonders whether he and writer Mary (Diane Keaton) may make a better couple. It is wonderful watching Meryl and Diane act in this compelling display of beautifully assembled scenery and performance.

9.Annie Hall

Alvy, a divorced comedian reflects on his relationship with ex Annie Hall (Diane Keaton), which ended just as abruptly as his previous marriages. A charming and funny film that beat out the original Star Wars film for the Best Picture Oscar. Thats gotta mean something

10. The Godfather

Nuf said.

Hope you enjoyed my little roundup and that you added all of them to your watchlist! Let me know if it was your first time watching any of the classic films I recommended and how you felt about them.

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