Since recently being confined to our own homes for most of the day, we have all had to find new ways to keep out minds and hands occupied.

Interacting with colours and allowing yourself some creativity is highly important for your mental health. Creativity can increase brain function and even physical health, reducing anxiety, depression and stress and can even aid in processing trauma. Crafty activities such as gardening, pottery or even just writing, doodling, or colouring will increase your level of interaction with your surroundings, ultimately increasing cognitive function.

Creativity has been found to have similar effects to meditation, as when you get into the flow of doing, your brain will have increased its targeted focus, aiming for the end result, shutting out the non-stop train of thoughts running through your brain and increasing levels of happiness through the release of dopamine.

While endlessly scrolling Pinterest last night, I came across a trend that sparked my interest. An ombre manicure, in which each nail was painted with a different complimentary colour, so off I went, scouring my nail polish stash, to figure out how I could achieve this look with shades I had in my collection.

I have always had a passion for nail art and I have always done my own nails at home, until the past year when for the first time I handed over the reigns to a salon. Currently I am in the recovery phase, having had my acrylics removed, and attempting to grow out the damaged areas and realising that while acrylics can be fun, they do limit the amount of personal creativity that can go into it.

I have realised that for me, having my nails done isn’t just about the aesthetic results, but also the freedom I have to play around, with colours, designs and shapes. The opportunity to change those around constantly, to reflect my mood and personality is completely taken away when I have one colour that I have to commit to for weeks on end.

Its just no fun!

Here I have put together a few of the colour combinations that I came to find in my collection, in the hopes that maybe it will inspire and get all of you excited at the prospect of creating. Feel the freedom to play with colour, pair what you feel is a reflection of yourselves and enjoy!

In order to achieve this look, I started with prepping, shaping, filing then lightly buffing the nail and applied two coats of each nail polish. I like to use a gel top coat, and in order for that to succeed coupled with standard nail-polish as opposed to gel, you must first allow it to fully dry. I typically paint the nail polish on at night and allow to sit overnight, as it can take up to 12 hours to fully dry, then I follow up with a layer of gel top coat cured under an LED lamp the following morning.

I purchased my gel nail kit from Sensational for a very affordable price and its extremely easy to use and can get amazing results.

Et Voila! A salon quality manicure! But better because now it’s a true reflection of YOU.

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