SO, since the end of the world is nigh, and we’ve all been summoned back to shelter, it it appropriate for me to give you a slight insight into how I’ve been attempting to adapt to new circumstances without entirely losing my mind.

This is the first time since I was a mere teen that I can call myself unemployed. Now, considering the level to which I am a workaholic, the thought of this alone is enough to make my palms sweat, however here we are. Out of a job and inside my own head.

For someone whose identity is so closely interlinked to their work, this is a challenge. As most of my time for nearly a decade has been spent working and studying, I have not had any time to achieve any sense of balance within and with myself. There’s never been enough time to nurture a hobby, or truly explore my passions and interests to their fullest, and most importantly, I have never allowed myself to slow down and come to terms with myself. My thoughts, my feelings and who I am.

I have decided to take this opportunity to make headway in getting to know myself. A journey into the unknown and known and an acknowledgement of why I have found myself in a place where work is an escape from my own thoughts. A study into what it means to be content within myself and what I may be missing in life though constant distraction. A slow down and appreciation for the good and bad and how that can co-exist within. A snapshot.

Needing purpose. Work, work is purpose. If you’re anything like me, without it you may feel lost or disconnected. And in times like these, where both work and any social involvement is limited, finding purpose is crucial. Keeping your mind active and finding a creative outlet is best. So I find myself here, typing this blog post, attempting to achieve that. Expression of interests and passions may keep you going when there is nothing else. Putting something out into the world, down on a piece of paper may create release of stress and pause what may be a non-stop trail of negative thought.

Reading can also be a great escape. Pick up that stack of books you’ve always wanted to read but never had the time (We all have one!) and learn. Learn things you’ve never had time to learn. Lose yourself in a story you’ve never had the opportunity to hand your time over to. And love. Love your partner, your pet, yourself. Because when will you ever have the freedom to do it unencumbered again?

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