An expression. A thought. Frustration.

We exist in a capitalist society in which our liberties are tied up in our potential to earn. Our potential to earn limited by the socio-economic group, to which we are more often than not, bound to. We live in constant fear perpetrated by expectations and limitations. We cannot experience  beauty, or explore our passions and dreams, or sustain any semblance of innocence as money will always be right there, staring right at us telling us without it nothing is possible. This extends to most aspects of life. Capitalism has stretched its sticky fingers into every nook and corner of life making our existence inseparable from guilt and pain. All the small and large pleasures in life have found limitations, and our increased connection to the worlds society has exacerbated its impact.

There are no longer enough hours in the day, or week, or year to achieve any personal goals, we can no longer offer our children much needed attention and love and discipline. The structure of society is resulting in damaged innocence and childhood trauma passed on from generation to generation. It is causing a loss of manners and cultural development as people were never designed to live in a global tribe. A global tribe is an environment in which no one ever feels good enough or valued and appreciated. There will always be someone who can exceed performance in all aspects of achievement and the proof is only one click away. Unrecognised childhood trauma leading to adults who can never see the light. It is said that ignorance is bliss but ignorance is impossible to achieve in a world where pain is constant and the news reel never ends. 

Recently someone told me that the older they get the more they choose to be ignorant towards the people around them. The truth however lies in the fact that the more we learn about the world around us, the more we learn about the endless pain that we cannot end, it is impossible to hold on to hope and positivity, therefore allowing our survival instinct to kick in and shut down our capacity and desire to empathise. The world is more connected than it has ever been but also the most disconnected. Humanity has been dehumanised and the potential to establish a meaningful connection has been close to obliterated resulting in a lack of care for the people around us, as someone else’s pain can never really touch you when your own is the most overwhelming feeling you can experience. 

Recent studies exploring the correlation between intelligence and depression conclude that people sitting in the far right end of the bell curve will find themselves predisposed to mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. With higher exposure to knowledge and education more people are finding themselves facing knowledge they’d rather not be faced with. A higher capacity to process and experience pain. Pain often caused by a lack of free will. The world is riddled with the illusion of free will. But our free will is nothing but a conglomeration of choices. Choices made by everyone around us. And theirs by those around them. A cycle of illusion. An illusion created by those leading the world in a direction needed by the larger structures. Class divisions that we pretend don’t exist, a capitalist society that we pretend is working, while we destroy our environment and make people nothing but numbers on a page for corporations. A world in which people are stripped of humanity and decency and class and joy, remaining nothing but consumers, fully responsible for the ruthless race for economic growth. Economic growth that cannot be sustained. Growth in an economy that is growing too large for our planet while our resources are depleted. 

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