A scented water. A scent for all your needs.

The Maison Balzac scented water is my go to for everything. An ingenious formulation by the brand, intended for use as an eau de toilette, a room spray and a linen spray all in one.

I get the most use from them on the skin and clothing, with the scents swaying quite androgynous, my favourite kind. They are long lasting and luxurious without the higher price tag, serving as a perfect day to day scent that can be applied liberally, enthralling to the senses and intriguing to the noses around.

I find it quite important to have a scent I can reapply throughout the day as I work with others quite closely, and the ease with which you can pop this in your bag, compared to other perfumes is a huge advantage. Now I know you can get a travel spray to decant your perfume into – but i’m not that dedicated.


The first scent I purchased in this formula is Le Bois.

It is described as “a walk in a forest where cedarwood essence echoes with distant notes of leather and smoke”. I find this to be my choice of the two I own. The scent is warm and woody bringing comfort and a sense of grounding. It offers top notes of pine needle and amber, and base notes of cedarwood and sandalwood.

Absolute perfection for any time of year if you lean more towards a rich scent as opposed to the lighter, more floral end of the spectrum


La Chapelle as the name suggests took inspiration from the scents that may be recognised when entering a chapel. Attempting to embody the feeling experienced in a church where candles have just been extinguished and myrrh has just been used, this scent makes good use of its notes of incense and myrrh, resulting in an initial burst of weight and warmth, followed by a development into a more complex scent, aided by its inclusion of Cistus as a low note.

This scent is more open than that offered by Le Bois, the floral note adding a different element, creating a slightly more feminine, while still a heavily grounded scent.

Basically, if you want to smell nice and not spend hundreds of dollars on perfumes, or whether you don’t want to use your more expensive scents on a daily basis, this is an absolutely fantastic choice. A discovery I am very dedicated to and will continue experimenting with, as the range of scents presented is quite enticing. The brand itself is absolutely beautiful with an offering of not only scents, but also candles and beautiful mouth blown glass homewares.

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