Whether we like it or not, trends will always seep their way into our lives, not only influencing the way we dress and think, but also causing us to question our self worth, our image and consequently our perception of who we are as people.

I say ditch the overwhelming expectation of being perfect, of having the things we’re expected to want to have or of meeting others perception of what we should desire.

Because you should have the freedom to choose who you are and who you desire to be

Because with discovering who you are, you will discover who you want to become

This will be a place to explore interests and desires. A place for fears and determinations and beauty.

A place to admit that what some people may think of as ugly or wrong or taboo are sometimes things that can help us explore who we are and reflect that not only on the inside and in our way of thought, but also in the way you want to present yourself to the world.

A place for someone to explore both beauty and intellect without the limitation of a label.

A place for everything.

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